War Kids!!!

War Kids - H.J. Lawson

This book caught my eye during the big YA Spring Fling and I was so happy when I won it, cause I couldn't wait to read it.


I mean, the titel and the book cover pretty much says it all. That book will take you on a painful ride. That's why I had to take my time reading it. I couldn't handle to many chapters at once, it just put me in a really dark place. The writing was really good and easy to read.


The characters in this book are amazing, I have so much love for these kids that have been ripped out of their childhood and right into a war zone, most of them being all alone without their family around, cause they were either taken or were dead. It's really terrible to think that for kids out there, this is actually a reality and not just fiction.


I love that we got some tiny little moments of joy, too. New friendships, new families, new love. But there were moment's that really punched me in the face, like Tilly. I have to say I was a bit in denial, but ugh. Terrible :(