Of Royal Descent!!!

Of Royal Descent - Ember Shane

First of, I won this book in a giveaway here on booklikes. And I'm so glad I did, if I hadn't seen it there, I probably would have never picked up the book, simply because I never felt THAT interested in zombies, cause you know, slow, creeping dudes who look like they are falling apart. Nope, not for me.


BUT THIS BOOK. There are some parts in there that reflect how I feel and thought about zombies but there is also so much more, there is so much action and greateness. I love it. It all gets explained really well, so that you can easily understand without having a science degree.


Apart from the plot and all, I really love the relationships in this books. Especially the platonic ones, Doyle and his parents, Doyle and Chuck. I hope we get more from Doyle and Jenny in the next book. I also really liked Chuck and Kai. I still have my issues and problems with how fast things went between Doyle and Addy. I mean, there is this whole bond thing, which I totally understand. But...oh well. I didn't hate it, though.


Overall, I really enjoyed the book and think the writing was really great.
I really wanna pick up the next one, cause I have that really huge question that I can't get out of my head and that I need to have answered really fast; WHAT IS JENNY?!!?!?