A Conduit For Man!!!

A Conduit for Man - Stephen M. Stewart

Yes, this is absolutely a 5 star book for me.


I don't know if it's because I read the two books back to back but I got into this so fast, it's been amazing. Once again it was one hell of a ride for the characters and it just showed how much Henry has really grown during the whole time.


What I also loved about this book, that we left Henry's point of view from time to time. Especially Riya's storyline was just super interesting for me. She's just such an important character for me and I felt so bad for her, her strenght really got tested in this book but she stayed strong.


Sidecharacters like Kurei and Swinn kind of had a competition going on inside my head about whose the most brutal and crazy character. Some part of me, when it came to Swinn, totally understood where he was coming from and why he treated Riya the way he did. But still. So not okay. Also having Ben back, was a nice little surprise there.

Throughout the book, I really wondered where all the Josh and Church of Tessellates stuff was going. And even though we got quite a few answers towards the end, I still need more.

And the end, Henry!!! NO. How am I supposed to wait for the next book. This will take me a while to get over.