We Are Watching!!!

We Are Watching: Mindshare Book 1 - Stephen M. Stewart

Oh you wonderful book, you!!!

I know, I know, this book took me forever to finish. I just it when it takes me a month to finish a book. But this doesn't even say anything about the quality of the book, cause it's seriousy so good. (I started the second book in the series right after cause I just needed more).


First of all the main character. Henry Malone. I have to admit that in the beginning I wasn't entirely sure about him and it took me a while to decide if he was likeable or not. He just didn't have it easy. Poor guy. I love how he grew, from the beginning to the end of the book. It didn't happen fast but it took him some time and I think that was really realistic.


A character that I also really enjoyed is Riya. Of course. I just love my female kick ass characters and she is just that. I also love how she just didn't become the love interest for Henry straight away, like it would have probably happen in other books. I mean, it's obvious that they mean a lot to each other but there is nothing else. (For now, anyways).


And of course the story as a whole. This is my first sci-fi book. So everything from the way the world was build and explained and how everything worked was completely new to me. And it took me a little while, but as soon as I got really into it, I was in and it didn't let me go. I love how we slowly discovered how everything works and we didn't get all the information in the beginning dumped all at once.


Needlessly to say, I really recommend this book, not only for sci-fi lovers but to anyone that thinks about tipping their toe in the sci-fi world.