Gone (Gone #1) - Stacy Claflin

I won this book during the huge YA Spring Fling over at Sarah Dalton's website!!!

The summary of the book really intrigued me and it totally lived up to my expectations.


What I really love about the book is, because it's a actually a series, it takes it's time. It doesn't rush things. I love that we not only get to see how Macy is dealing with being in her terrible situation, but we are also seeing how her family and her friend deals with it. I love that they get their own story and aren't just the people close to the ''missing girl''.


I also really enjoyed Macy finding the diaries and reading Heather's thoughts and worries, just reading more about her situation makes me really feel for her and makes me wanna know more about her. Like what happenend to her? Where is she? The end of the book told us what happened to Heather's mother, so I just hope, that Heather found a happier way away from Chester.


I'm just really confused about the grandparent's and how they didn't realize that Heather isn't Heather but actually Macy. But maybe we will get an explanation for that, otherwise I will just go with the whole 'they haven't probably seen her in forever and think she changed a lot'. So we will see.

It will probably take a while until I can pick up the next book but I will totally continue reading the series, cause it's very well written and also, I just really REALLY wanna know how the whole thing will end.