Return to Sleepy Hollow!!!

Return to Sleepy Hollow - Dax Varley

I just finished it and the last two parts just flew by. It was amazing.


Violet has stolen my heart and I feel like I'm never gonna get it back again. She's such a great side character, so strong and just amazing. I love her.


But let's talk about Katrina and what a wonderful character she is. I just love how strong and fierce she is, how protective she is over the people that are important to her.


What I also loved in this story, was the fact that we actually got a backstory for the horseman. I didn't see his connection to Katrina's mom coming and I totally loved this little twist and how he just wanted to protect her.


I also just really loved the end and how everything came together. I mean, I still want to read more about the characters but I also feel that it was a great ending that doesn't really leave much else to wish for.