Some Quiet Place!!!

Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton

That's a five star book from me.


From the beginning I was super intrigued about what's going on. And things cleared up really fast. I never got to a part that was even close to boring me. Every part of the story tied in with the whole story and the journey Elizabeth had to go through.


The characters, the emotions, everything was written so well. From the beginning I was really invested in Elizabeth and her journey. I have to say about halfway through the book I figured out who she was and had some ideas in my head about what could have happened. But there was still some little surprises that I didn't see coming.


I also love the last chapter and how it's tying up some loose ends. Even tho I really wanted to know about Sarah and if she is happy, if she has it better now.


I can't wait to pick up the next book, even though I'm pretty sure it's pretty much a stand alone with different characters. But I love this world so much, that I don't even care.