Rebel Belle!!!

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

That book took my way too long to finish.



I feel like right from the beginning you got dropped right in the story and the action started, something that I totally loved. It took a bit til we got an explanation about what even was going on, that was the part for me when it got really interesting ad I couldn't wait to read more. I also love the lighthearted moments and the humor in the story.


Getting a feeling for the characters was another thing that really took some time for me. I totally love Harper at this point. And David is amazing too. I also really loved Saylor. With Ryan I'm not so sure yet. We will see, how all of this will turn out at the end.


And even tho it too me quite some time (I'm just really not a person that reads ebooks quick, I'm much faster with an actual copy of the book in my hand), the book is a total 5 start book for me. And I'm more than excited for the second book 'Miss Mayhem'.